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Sy No.129/7, Off NH 8A, (Beside INOX Wind),,Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India - 382230

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Mobile: 8347000691,Ph: 8347000691
Email ID: inquiry@jmalogistics.in

JMA LOGISTICS is being developed as an "Integrated Warehousing and Logistics Center", situated at Bagodara, Gujarat, approximately 58 KM outside Ahmedabad city. In a short duration of time, JMA LOGISTICS is expected be the hub of all activities relating to transport, logistics and goods distribution – both for near by areas and national transit and distribution. Logistics and goods distribution will be carried out on a commercial scale, by various operators. The operators will be either owners or tenants of the buildings or facilities (warehouses, distribution centers, storage areas, offices, truck services, etc.) built with in the premises of JMA LOGISTICS. In order to facilitate clients and users, JMA Logistics will be equipped with all State of the Art facilities necessary to carrying out Logistics & Distribution operations.
22.670218923165194 - Latitude 72.23478831448215 - Longitude

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